..is a contemporary musical artist,



film director and freelance photographer with an innovative background that includes marching/symphonic band,

music theory, & community outreach...

IkeZero has featured his diverse musicality on stage in various local Saint Louis venues sharing stages with Tech N9ne, Trae The Truth, has toured all over Missouri, and the country in a 10-city national DIY tour which included L.A., Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta.


His studio work involves his style of production interlaced with lyrics which describe current life events, progressive instrumentals, elements of hip-hop, soul and spiritual vibes in an inspirational context.

Throughout 2012 till now, IkeZero continues to release exclusive singles/collaborations for fans/supporters to digest.

IkeZero is an avid supporter of youth, and has worked on community awareness projects with various Saint Louis organizations such as Better Family Life, Saint Louis Community College (Florissant Valley) “ Drawing Ferguson Together” (following the death of Michael Brown), Girls, Inc “ Beat Production Summer Class”, and “Paint Saint Louis 2018”.

One of Ike’s most passionate specialized works to date as a cinematographer has been short film "Hoodie", which illustrates the importance of a garment of clothing raising stigmas over African Americans regarding racial disparities in North America.

IkeZero has been featured in ChicagoReader for his keen fashion sense, MetroSTL for his revolutionary film work, STL Today and The Riverfront Times for his musical performances.

IkeZero is an artist whose work has lent itself to expression in the social justice movement/community.  

As a digital storyteller, he continues to innovate and looks forward to helping others develop their creative talents and extraordinary business skills in a global world.



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