..is a contemporary artist with an innovative background that includes film production, sound production, marching/symphonic band,

music theory, & community outreach...

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His studio work involves keyboard compositions, polyphonic productions interlaced with lyrics which describe current life, thought & theory, elements of hip-hop, soul, trance and indigenous vibes in an inspirational context.

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As a digital storyteller, he continues to innovate and looks forward to helping others develop their creative talents and extraordinary business skills in a global world.

Throughout 2012 till present, IkeZero continues to release content for fans/supporters to digest.

IkeZero has featured his diverse musicality, cinematography, and DJ skills in various venues sharing stages with Bianca Shaw, Dax, Dizzy Wright, Tech N9ne, Trae The Truth, Starlito & Don Trip, & Carshield. 

IkeZero is an artist whose work has lent itself to expression in the social justice movement/community.  

He's an avid supporter of youth, and has worked on community awareness projects with various organizations such as Better Family Life, Saint Louis Community College (Florissant Valley) “ Drawing Ferguson Together” 2015, Girls, Inc “ Beat Production Summer Class” 2017, "Paint Saint Louis 2018”, & "LUNCH ON ME" 2021.

One of Ike’s most passionate specialized works to date has been short film "HOODIE" (2017), which illustrates the importance of a garment of clothing raising stigmas over African Americans regarding racial disparities in North America.

HOODIE has been nominated as

Semi-finalist of SIFF Film Festival 2020.


Email: zt@ikezero.com | Tel: 470-317-3355

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